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Mission, Vision and Value

GVS promotes vision wellness by offering a vision benefit solution that provides excellent vision benefits, convenience and value to groups and members.

Vision wellness

Directly impacts productivity – a slight correction in eyesight can reduce productivity by 10% and work accuracy by nearly 40%. Computer eye strain can reduce productivity between 10% and 50%. It’s important to both members and groups! Routine annual eye exams can also help keep employees healthy by early detection and monitoring diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, lupus and even brain tumors.


Members have the choice of using national “network” retail providers allowing them to obtain services and eyewear in many mall locations during weekends and evenings. A win, win for both members and groups by reducing lost time from work.


GVS is focused on bringing member and groups consistent benefits, lower costs, higher value plans with streamlined administration – that are easy to understand and use.

Member Value

Members will understand the retail value of their plan coverage which they can apply to their choice of eye wear.

Groups gain from lower benefit costs and costs that are consistent for their members across the country.

Through streamlined administrative processes and an integrated network that is comprised of optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and the nation’s largest retailers, we have a program that provides comprehensive eye care and quality eyewear at a great value and convenience for our groups and members.